Wired and Wireless Handheldscanners for scanning 1D / 2D Barcodes and RFID tags

  • Suitable for Point Mobile PM80
  • Reading range > 6 meter (700 tags p/ second)
  • Switch between Barcode (Point Mobile PM80)
  • State-of-the-art Impinj┬« Indy┬« R2000 reader chip
  • 1.5 meter droptest / 338 grams
  • Bluetooth scanner with 1" OLED display
  • 1D laser, 1D CCD or 2D imager
  • Scan barcodes from screen / smartphone
  • Android / Windows / iOS compatible
  • 1.5 meter droptest / IP-54 / 65 grams


Handheldscanners & Pocketscanners

Handheldscanners & pocketscanners are barcode scanners and/or RFID readers that are very easy to carry. This is due to the very compact size and weight. This makes the scanners very user-friendly.

Wireless barcode scanners and RFID scanners

Many of these barcode scanners and RFID reader are wireless, which makes the user very mobile when scanning barcodes and RFID tags. Without restrictions, the user is able to walk through areas like supermarkets, clothing stores and warehouses to scan the products.

Inventory and Product Information

The barcode scanners and RFID readers in our product range are very suitable for tasks such as inventory, asset management or getting product information. The pocket scanners can be linked to a host device such as a pda or smartphone to retrieve information quickly and easily. A good addition to giving customers extra attention at the store floor.

Wired barcode scanners

In addition to wireless scanners, there are also wired barcode scanners. These wired barcode scanners are therefore used in fixed locations such as cash register systems.

We would like to advise you on our handheld & pocket scanners.

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